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Your comprehensive guide to Kemptville, Ontario!

Situated just south of Ottawa, Kemptville is quickly becoming one of the region's most sought-after places to live. This beautiful town combines the advantages of country living with the excitement and conveniences of being near the nation's capital. As a quick internet search will prove, Kemptville real estate is less expensive than comparable real estate in Ottawa, and also offers the enjoyment, peace, and safety of a country setting.

In the county of North Grenville, Kemptville's climate is similar to that of the Ottawa valley. On any given summer day you might enjoy a stroll through picturesque farmlands or fishing on the nearby Rideau Canal and St. Lawrence River. Winter activities are limitless; with so much open space, cross-country skiing and ski-dooing are high on the list.

Kemptville events and activities uncovered

Kemptville's hockey and soccer leagues boast tremendous participation and are a huge source of town pride. Another competitive arena is the Kemptville Campus of Kemptville College Ontario - arguably one of the best Agricultural education centres in Ontario.


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Getting hungry? As for gastronomy, Kemptville features many highly-rated dining options that are sure to please.

Looking for work? Kemptville's ever expanding retail market affords lots of opportunities to grow or change your career - as well as a wide diversity of shopping options. New businesses are constantly popping up, ranging from grocery, to fashion, to home and building supplies, and everything in between.


Enjoy the Kemptville lifestyle

Adding even more to the overall quality of life in Kemptville, is the peace of mind brought on by the Kemptville District Hospital - one of the most modern health care facilities in the area.

With all that Kemptville has going for it, it may seem difficult to know where to begin. Start by clicking here.


Kemptville Campus - University of Guelph, Kemptville

Kemptville Campus Agriculture StudiesLocated just south of Ottawa in Eastern Ontario, Kemptville Campus is an Agriculture Studies Centre. In addition to Agriculture Food Services, Heavy Equipment and Horticulture studies are also offered. We are a college in Kemptville dedicated to education, research and services for agricultural and food industries, affiliated with the University of Guelph.


Kemptville District Hospital, Building Healthier Communities

Kemptville District HospitalKemptville, Hospital is a fully accredited health care facility serving North Grenville and eastern Ontario providing compassionate, patient focused primary health care services to North Grenville residents. Our commitment to healthy communities is shared by the health service providers we work closely with: Public Health, Community Care Access Centers, Family Physicians like those at the KDH Health Centre, and General Practitioners throughout south Ottawa and Leeds-Grenville


Kemptville, Ontario, Urban Area, pop 3539 (2006c). Kemptville is located on Kemptville Creek, a branch of the Rideau River, 64 km south of Ottawa. In 1998 the town of Kemptville (1963) merged with the townships of Oxford-on-Rideau and South Gower to form the new township of North Grenville.

Named after Sir James KEMPT, it was first called Clothier's Mills after Lyman Clothier, who developed it on an 81 ha site. Its growth speeded with the arrival of the Bytown and Prescott Railway, then of the CPR. Once an active manufacturing centre of stoves and leather, it is now an agricultural servicing centre, site of the Kemptville Campus, University of Guelph, Agricultural Technology and of a provincial forestry station. It was the birthplace and home base of G. Howard FERGUSON, premier of Ontario 1923-30.

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